Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Medi-Cal?
Visit or and apply online. You can also enroll with a Medi-Cal Eligibility Worker stationed at a clinic or community-based organization. 
How soon can I get Medi-Cal?
Approximately 30-45 days are allowed to process a Medi-Cal application not involving a disability. If you are applying for Medi-Cal based on a disability, your application process may take up to 90 days depending on how quickly you complete the disability information and when your doctors and hospitals submit your medical records. If you have an immediate medical or dental need, such as pregnancy or a severe illness, indicate this need on your application and your application may be processed more quickly.
How do I pay my monthly premiums for Medi-Cal?
If you qualify for no-cost Medi-Cal you will receive Medi-Cal services at no cost to you. If you qualify for share of cost (SOC) Medi-Cal you will pay a certain amount only in the month you have medical expenses. Once you pay your SOC, Medi-Cal will pay the rest of your covered medical bills for that month.

Can I enroll in Medi-Cal even if I don't live in California?
No, you must be a resident of California to get Medi-Cal. A California resident is someone who lives in California and plans to stay, or someone who is looking for work in California.
What if I currently have insurance, but I would like to switch to Medi-Cal?
You can have both. You must declare your other insurance coverage when you apply for Medi-Cal.
If I am pregnant, can I apply for my child before he/she is born?
Yes, you can apply as soon as you know you are pregnant.
What are the citizenship and immigration requirements for Medi-Cal?
The level of benefits you will receive may be different depending on whether you are a citizen or national, legal premanent resident, other satisfactory immigration status, or undocumented.
How do I get more information on Healthcare Reform?
Visit the Healthcare Reform page on our site, which includes Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions, please call the IEHP Enrollment Assistance Unit at 1-866-294-IEHP, or 1-800-720-4347 for TTY. Hours are Monday-Thursday, 8 am-6 pm; Friday 8 am-5pm.