IEHP Vendor Code of Conduct

IEHP is firmly committed to comply with its legal and ethical obligations under all state and federal laws.  As a result, we expect any entity doing business with IEHP, including business associates, first tier and downstream entities, to comply strictly with all legal and ethical obligations.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations 

By making it the responsibility of all entities doing business with IEHP to regulate compliance with our strict ethical standards and commitment to comply with all legal responsibilities, we can continue to maintain the highest level of moral, ethical and legal standards in conducting our business. 

Reporting Potential Violations

If any vendor Business Associate, First Tier and/or Downstream Entity, becomes aware of any fraud, waste, abuse, any violation of a legal or ethical obligation, or any unfair or improper treatment of an IEHP Member, they must immediately report the matter so it can be investigated.  The Federal False Claims Act and similar state laws make it a crime to present a false or fraudulent claim to the government for payment. IEHP holds all entities doing business with IEHP responsible for carrying out and monitoring compliance with this commitment. 

Reports may be submitted in writing or by telephone (written form is preferred) to:

  • Mail: IEHP Compliance Officer
              P.O. Box 1800
              Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729-1800
  • E-Mail:
  • Phone: Toll Free Compliance Hot Line (866) 355-9038
  • Fax: (909) 477-8536

IEHP will take all necessary steps to investigate any potential violations of our policy and will take appropriate action to correct any violations or incorrect perceptions that are found to exist.

Non-Retaliation Policy

Individuals should feel free to report any information regarding this policy without fear of reprisal or retaliation of any kind.  IEHP will treat such information as confidential to the extent it can do so without failing to fulfill its legal obligations.  In addition, those who do not wish to identify themselves can report information anonymously.

Gifts and Business Courtesies

IEHP discourages its vendors from providing gifts, meals, entertainment, or other business courtesies to its employees.  IEHP is a public entity and required to comply with the rules set forth by the California Fair Political Practices Commission.